Adirondack Pickleball gives thanks

To the editor:

Adirondack Pickleball’s 2018-19 season is about to close.

We would like to say “thank you” to the three local venues that provide space for us to play.

Thank you to Bill Borzilleri for arranging time and gym space on Thursday evening at Lake Placid Elementary. We appreciate the school’s generosity.

Thank you to the athletics department and Zach Luzzi at Paul Smith’s College for Pickleball Intramural on Tuesday evenings. We appreciate your student staff setting up your equipment to facilitate play.

And to North Country Community College, thank you, Jerrad and the athletic department, for scheduling us during available times at the gym for this fast-growing sport in our community.

We look forward to our next successful season starting in the fall and welcome new participants. If you are not sure of the game, there are many videos on the internet. Rules of the game can be found there as well.


Deborah Harrison

Adirondack Pickleball

Rainbow Lake