A question for men protesting Planned Parenthood

To the editor:

It never seems to amaze me that a woman’s right to health providers is questioned. So to all you guys out there who feel that need to control a woman’s mind and body, I have a question. Why it that when I volunteered at Planned Parenthood (in New York) and clinics elsewhere, the majority of protesters were and are men?

Do you think we are not capable of making decisions for ourselves? Do you “lord over” your partner and not allow your partner to make any decisions? Perhaps the time has come for you to find something else to do in your free time. Zip up your fly, and then rape, incest and murder will disappear from the headlines. Perhaps your cause might be to provide financial and emotional support for all the unwanted children in the world today.

CHOICE is my word of the day, week, month and every year.


Esther Sherman Arlan

Nashua, New Hampshire


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