What will we do without the Saranac Lake Marina?

To the editor:

Having read the article “Litigation continues, upgrades on hold” in the April 9 edition of the Adirondack Daily Enterprise, I feel obliged to write to William Curran, Fred Roedel, Charles Wilson and Judith Landes (Acme of Saranac LLC) and ask why they would take what appears to be the selfish position of keeping locals and visitors off the lower lake by challenging the LS Marina LLC from building a new and improved marina on the site that’s been a marina for 95 years.

The above individuals are all full-time or seasonal residents who live on Lower Saranac Lake and will continue to have access to the lake from their own boathouses/docks, unlike the rest of us. It is puzzling and surprising to me that one of the individuals, Fred Roedel of the Hotel Saranac, who has been an outspoken individual with regard to the development and future success of Saranac Lake, would take this position. Don’t the people who stay in his hotel come to the area to take advantage of the beauty of our lakes and mountains? How does denying them access or a place to rent a boat be good for our town and his business, for that matter?

I was born and raised in Saranac Lake and use the marina often to access the lower lake. Every time I take my boat out on the lake, it brings back a lifetime of happy memories that linger in my mind, heart and soul.

This project was first proposed by LS Marina LLC in 2013 and has lingered for far too long. I understand there are issues on both sides that could and should be worked out. The old boathouses were dilapidated and torn down. The dock space inventory is seriously depleted from its former capacity.

Now, in my opinion, four families are “digging in their heels” in their own self-interest, and the truly distressed will be the LS Marina LLC, boat owners without a place to keep their boats and visitors hoping to share in the beauty of the lake.

There must be an agreement that will work for all parties. Has there been negotiations between the parties? Must litigation be the answer? What about arbitration? All or nothing is not the answer.

Mr. Curran, Mr. Roedel, Mr. Wilson and Ms. Landes, please don’t take our lake away. It will be heartbreaking to us and devastating to the future of Saranac Lake.

When I grew up in town, we used to say, “Saranac Lake, the home of 5,000 friendly people,” but I’m sure not feeling it now.


Luanne McGrain

Saranac Lake and New Jersey