Trump keeps hurting USA

To the editor:

Hey America, are we still here? Tell me, America, are we still alive, or are we dead? Because of Trump, the USA is nothing, and I mean nothing.

China does not want anything more to do with the USA, and we rely on them for certain supplies and materials that they have. Now they won’t do anything for us unless we pay more.

North Korea is still building missiles so they can still attack the USA. Tell me. America, do you want to be wiped off the face of the earth or the map because of Trump?

I keep saying all Trump wants is money, money and power, power, and that is what he has. To me he doesn’t care about the USA, just himself. So are we going to make Trump our leader again? Huh?! So we can suffer again for another four years? Is that what we want? I, for one, don’t.

Tell me, America, are we that stupid or not? With having Trump as president again, will we live, or will we die?

What do you think, America?

Betty Palin

Tupper Lake