Thanks for prom and After Prom Party

To the editor:

The 2019 Saranac Lake High School prom was back at the Whiteface Club and Resort this year. It looked wonderful, but most importantly the kids had a great time. I want to thank Cecily Dramm and Kathy McHugh for their countless hours making this night happen. The prom couldn’t happen without the help of the other faculty members, so thank you for stepping up and chaperoning. I know the students and parents appreciate your efforts.

We had over 150 students attend the After Prom Party, and it was a fun and energetic night! Brad Varner continues to make the After Prom Party a hit! Just like the prom, the After Prom Party can’t happen without the countless number of volunteers/chaperones. So thank you for spending your Saturday night and Sunday morning with our students, it really means a lot to our families and the Saranac Lake community. The overall commitment to keep our students safe is priceless.

There were a ton of awesome prizes that are donated by our generous community. This year, the free 2010 Nissan Sentra went to Grace Clark.

Another fun and safe night for our students. Every year, I’m just fascinated by this night. We are all so lucky. 

Thank you again,

Joshua Dann, principal

Saranac Lake High School


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