Tending a village

To the editor:

Tending to an entire village isn’t easy; I bet that most people don’t/can’t/won’t understand how much goes on, and the timeline in which to get certain goals met. Most jobs have more to them then what appears.

Sadly/annoyingly/“understandably,” there are folks out there who love/live to rage and scream and moan and groan and almost have to take breaks for their finger to rest so they can spend all day pointing it at problems, while not offering any solutions. #Typical.

That being said, before a village builds another road, that could very well be an awesome connector to the arts, the river, the food, the Universe, might it lay down a timeline for when the current roads will become a tad more drive-able?

Look, I can maneuver around the fishing-hole-sized potholes like Dale WhatsHisName and say, “This will be fixed, sooner or later — not a big deal.” Truly. It doesn’t bother me, as I understand timelines and reasonable expectations, sorta.

It is only when one reads about ANOTHER road that one thinks, “Uhhhhh, my wife/husband/mother-in-law/neighbor/son/daughter/partner/step-half-sister had three tires go flat in the last five months from potholes. What are the chances that ANOTHER road is going to increase the attention on the rest?” Does this exist: “We need some time for ourselves; let’s have another child”?

“This house/apt./tent/VW bus is a mess! Let’s get a few puppies”?

Walking around the village of Saranac Lake is a joy for me. My kids and I stop every few feet, sometimes, to marvel at a cure porch, a stone wall, a paper clip under the slide at the park (Hey! Why not!?), and wave at all of the other people waving. It’s an amazing town. Adventures to be found around every corner!

Just don’t step in the pothole.

Jason Smith

Saranac Lake