School walkout planned Friday

To the editor:

On May 24, Saranac Lake High School is participating in an international school walkout with Greta Thunberg. This movement was started by Greta, who has walked out every Friday since August 2018 in Sweden. She is also on the cover of last week’s Time magazine.

The students are walking out because politicians are not doing enough to prevent climate change and reduce our dependence on fossil fuels. For those who don’t know, climate change is the biggest issue the world faces. There are only 11 years until climate change is irreversible. Climate change has increased the rate of severe weather patterns, increased global temperatures that are melting the glaciers, which is causing the oceans to rise, and many coastal cities will be in big trouble within this century. It is a major factor in human migration from areas that can no longer support their populations due to drought, causing negative impacts on human health and causing species’ extinction at rates unseen in thousands of years.

We walk out to draw attention to the settled science that has been ignored for far too long by our elected officials. We need action now.


Leena Keal


Saranac Lake High School

Saranac Lake