North Country Family Physicians has been a treasure

To the editor:

I’ve lived in St. Regis Falls since 1960, and there has always been a doctor in town at least once a week until this year. The fact that we no longer have this great asset has made me feel I should write a note of appreciation and thanks to the three “young” doctors who looked after my family over the last 40 years, traveling nearly 100 miles round-trip to bring their expertise and aid to not only the people of St. Regis Falls but people from miles around who came to see them.

On Monday, Dr. George Cook would come to town. In George we a general practitioner and a pediatrician who developed a rapport with many local people, sometimes even making house calls. He seemed amazing to me in his uncanny ability to diagnose problems. I’ve actually compared him to the fictional Dr. House, though he wasn’t the least bit cantankerous.

On Tuesday, Barry Kilbourne, a general practitioner with a specialty in internal medicine, would bring his analytical prowess to bear and bring help and comfort to dozens of people each time he came to town. I also enjoyed seeing and talking to Barry at many musical events in the area as he is also a musician.

On Thursday, Roy Slaunwhite would roll in and see his patients, largely pediatric, allergy or breathing/Asthma patients.

The concern and dedication these guys showed over four decades to our town and the people in surrounding areas was amazing. There were other doctors during this time, and earlier, Dr. Leon Bernardot comes to mind, but these three in particular took care of my parents, myself and my children, and I believe may also have seen my grandmother, and I felt I should show them my appreciation and respect, and express my genuine gratitude.

Thanks, guys,

Tom Pondysh 

St. Regis Falls

P.S.: St Regis Falls presently has no doctors coming to town. Barry retired in December. They are all sorely missed.


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