Gas fumes are bad for you

To the editor:

So I continue to marvel at just how gullible the Essex County government is in going with the so-called flow?

It seems to me that if there were any thought behind this new project, that the town would ask Stewart’s to take the corner accoss from the Chevy dealer where the traffic would be better managed and the county employees not exposed to clouds of gas fumes. The county could unload the old kitchen, and the house could be moved across the street for a nice clubhouse for the golf course.

Gasoline is dangerous for your health because it’s toxic. Exposure to gasoline, either through physical contact or inhalation, can cause health problems. The effects of gasoline poisoning can harm every major organ.

But then it’s clear that the government is broken. Perhaps it’s time to revoke the so-called weighted voting where the big dogs more or less control the county.

William Kuntz III

Elizabethtown and Nantucket Island, Massachusetts


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