About Kate Smith

To the editor:

What on earth were the Yankees and the Philadelphia Flyers thinking? Perhaps that people would boycott them, or that they would be seen as racist if they continued placement of the Kate Smith’s statue as well as her voice singing “God Bless America.”

During the mid 1930s to 1949, I attended kindergarten through high school. I remember selling war stamps once a week at our “booth” in school. I also remember hearing “God Bless America” sung by Kate Smith during those World War II years. Even at my young age it impressed me, made me so proud. I feel the same way today when I hear that rendition.

Over the years I have had three children and four grandchildren living in the Adirondacks. Every one of those persons knows who Kate Smith was. I have taken every one of those grandchildren to visit Kate Smith’s grave at St. Agnes Cemetery.

Yes, there were mistakes made 80 years ago in the music industry, sports industry and many other areas. I agree with the Adirondack Daily Enterprise editorial that we have to “remind ourselves of America’s ugly history of racism” — BUT Kate Smith does not deserve to be raked through the coals. She deserves the respect that she earned with her country and community commitment, and her manner in living. If she were alive today, she would absolutely protest singing questionable songs.

God bless you, Kate, and thank you.


Judy Reuter