40 Days for Life thanks

To the editor:

Dear vigil participants and prayer volunteers:

I want to express my appreciation to all who participated in the 40 Days for Life Spring Campaign. We had a very good turnout; many new people got involved from various Christian denominations. Our campaign began on Ash Wednesday and ended Palm Sunday. We were dedicated to 12 hours of prayer seven days a week. Our closing vigil was beautiful as we gathered, young and old, in prayer for a candlelight service, placing red and white carnations around the tree. Thank you to those who committed to fasting and prayer from their homes, churches, places of work, etc. A big thank-you to those who traveled from afar to participate in this campaign. Prayer does change things, and all are welcome. We hope you return for the fall campaign and join with many new vigil participants to pray for the end of abortion in Plattsburgh. It is a tragedy that little innocent lives are ended in our neighborhood. There are so many resources available to let life grow. More info: www.40daysforlife.com.

Nancy Belzile 

40DFL Plattsburgh coordinator