Reproductive Health Act is anti-woman

To the editor:

The New York Reproductive Health Act is anti-woman. Allowing non-doctors to perform abortions is a regression to the pre-Roe-vs.-Wade back-alley abortion era, vilified for non-doctors performing abortions! Allowing non-doctors to perform abortions — a surgery — drastically lowers safety measures for women. Roe vs. Wade was supposed to guarantee medically “safe” abortions. Now, how many more women will die? Is New York going to sanction non-doctors to perform appendectomies and tonsillectomies as well, or is surgical abortion and its potential physical and emotional side effects of less concern to New York lawmakers?

The Reproductive Health Act removes criminal penalties for violence against a pregnant woman that causes the death of her unborn child. This is anti-woman. Now, when the father doesn’t want to take responsibility for the child he helped conceive, he is legally in the clear to physically assault his partner with the intent of ending her pregnancy. Why have New York lawmakers sanctioned this domestic violence against women?

Often in late-term abortions, babies are born alive. These children used to have legal protection. Now, how will they die? Will they be victims of vivisection so that their organs may be harvested? Will they be dropped in to a bucket of water so that the abortionist and mother don’t have to hear them cry? Will the abortionist put a hand over the baby’s mouth and nose until the heart stops beating? Will they simply be neglected until they die? This is infanticide. If not babies — the most vulnerable among us — then who can expect protection from New York laws? It is anti-woman for mothers to be underinformed about these possibilities.

Don’t be misled. The Reproductive Health Act is not meant to benefit women but rather to PROTECT LEGAL ABORTION by making it even more accessible!

Lisa Contini