Editorial didn’t give full picture on broadband

To the editor:

I am disappointed in your editorial, “Seek broadband funding ASAP” as it does not provide the full picture.

While the Trump administration claims to want to expand broadband to rural areas, let’s not forget those very same people are trying to prevent equal access to said broadband. Trump and his band of profiteers seek to end net neutrality and charge for faster access.

Additionally, while his administration rightfully recognizes China is far ahead of the U.S. in development of 5G, many, including many Republican loyalists, openly berate him for his badly thought-out approach to American expansion. And while this debate continues, China is marching forward throughout the world with their technology, once again leaving the U.S. in the dust.

The full picture must be given for all of us to better understand the complex issues and intelligently decide how to proceed and whom to support. 

Trump’s internet programs are little more than 140 character tweets of red meat, misleading his base into believing he is helping them when, in reality, nothing could be further from the truth.

Please don’t be complicit and aid him.

Barbara Franklin

Saranac Lake


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