Dems need to stop helping Trump get closer to re-election

To the editor:

Here is an example of why Trump will probably win re-election. We Democrats will win it for him. The national Democrats believe that they ALWAYS have to go overboard and defend and be on the side of and make excuses for all minority groups (and all illegal immigrants) because they need their VOTES and want their votes one day. Take the current example of Rep. Ilhan Omar, the Muslim Congresswoman from Minnesota.

Here is how I would express my opinion of her (rather than just blindly defending her because she is a Muslim): For her to dismiss what happened on 9/11 by just saying that ‘Some people did something’ is totally MORALLY WRONG. It was WRONG of her to say that. It was WRONG of her to trivialize and minimize the horror of what happened. Period.

Also, her criticisms of the government of Israel are also WRONG because of the language that she used. It was HOW she said what she said that was wrong moreso than WHAT she said.

I have no problem with anyone pointing out that there have been times when the government of Israel has been unfair and unjust to the Palestinians and just plain wrong. There have been times when the government of Israel has been wrong in how it treats the Palestinians. As someone with Jewish ancestry, I am saying that. I am not going to give the government of Israel a pass just because I have Jewish ancestry. When they are wrong, I have no problem with anyone pointing that out, and that includes Ilhan Omar. But she does come across as disliking Jews. Let’s be honest. There ARE some Muslims who dislike Jews. Democrats should admit that. Most Muslims do not dislike Jews, but some do. Why can’t Democrats admit that? The whole country knows that that is true.

Trump will probably win because he is slick and often says what most Americans feel and believe — that the Democrats always go overboard and pander to and kiss the hind-ends of and make lame excuses for all minorities and illegal immigrants because they need their votes and want their votes one day. And I am saying that as someone who IS on the side of minorities, as I am one myself and have felt the sting of prejudice and discrimination. I AM one of “them.”


Stewart B. Epstein