The need for another art teacher

To the editor:

For a long time there has been a fight to keep art programs at schools all over the world. Recently, this has become a big issue in Saranac Lake, especially at the high school. One of the very loved and supported art teachers is retiring this year from the school, leaving many students sad and in fear of the school not replacing her. After her retirement this will leave only one art teacher at the school, who is already busy with her own classes. This limits art for so many kids but also puts stress on the teacher, having to double her class load while still finding time for herself.

It has been mentioned around the school that there will not be a replacement for the soon-retired teacher. This also makes the art room not open for all students. A rumor around the school says kids can go out to the surrounding communities and get art supplies for what they need. Many students don’t have the money and/or time to get these supplies, sometimes leaving the art room as their only hope. Along with this many students need to take the bus to school for transportation, making this the only way they can get that art supplies.

Art is something that helps express emotion and even helps/saves many people, as in dealing with anxiety, depression, problems at home and many more. Decreasing access to the arts at our school not only puts the kids looking into an art career in an unfortunate position, it sends a message that Saranac Lake High School does not consider the arts important. The need for two art teachers at the high school is needed, fulltime. As a student, I have found my home in the art room, and I would hate to see other students not be able to find what I have because of a lack of funding and support.

Simon Davis

and Rachel Daby