Thank you, Lake Placid

To the editor:

We’d like to thank again the three motorists who stopped to help us when our car was stuck in the snow along Route 86 near Monument Falls. On Monday, Feb. 25 around noon, we were driving toward Lake Placid when our car got stuck in deep snow, and within a minute, three vehicles stopped to help: two pickup trucks and an SUV. The SUV driver produced a tow strap, the pickup behind us pulled us out, and the other pickup helped direct traffic, which in all got us free and going within minutes. The road conditions were icy, the weather was poor, we were on a hill, and yet you all stopped to help. So we, in the grey sedan, would like you to know we appreciate what you did, and we’d like the residents of the Lake Placid area to know of your kind act as well.


Peter Stanisich and Branka Valcic