Support bill to limit carbon pollution

To the editor:

As we know, climate change is a huge problem. It is producing changes globally, such as the shrinking of glaciers, adverse impacts to plant and animal species, and more severe heat waves.

It is believed that here in the Adirondacks, threats to the ecosystem are already evident, impeding the survival of certain wildlife and plants. Warmer and more erratic weather can recede wetlands, threatening the breeding terrain for mammals, birds and fish, etc. In addition, acid rain and mercury in our lakes have been well documented byproducts of human caused carbon powered activity in our surrounding area. Climate scientists believe the Adirondacks’ climate will resemble that of Richmond, Virginia, toward the end of this century.

A solution we can collectively support is the Energy Innovation and Carbon Dividend Act, which would place a steadily rising fee on carbon pollution and return all revenue to households equally. This bill (a) is a market-based approach with bipartisan support, (b) will drive down carbon pollution while putting money in people’s pockets, and (c) is good for business and will create jobs.

I would like to ask our district’s congressional representative, Elise Stefanik, to support this piece of legislation. If the above sentiment resonates with you, I would also encourage you to write to Stefanik and voice your opinion on this matter. Additionally, people can get further involved in this issue by volunteering with the Citizens’ Climate Lobby at

It’s time to set aside partisan differences and, for the good of our nation and the world, start addressing the threat of climate change by enacting the bipartisan Energy Innovation and Carbon Dividend Act.


Liz Kerigan