Let local kids pick Winter Carnival theme

To the editor:

OK, crazy idea! Instead of trying to get more people to the meetings, why not try this, that doesn’t require a meeting? Instead of the Winter Carnival Committee deciding, or adults on Facebook, leave it up to the ones who should be deciding what Carnival should be about! Adults will still dress up, listen to music and get drunk no matter what the theme, so leave it up to the kids in the area! And no, it’s still not too late!

Have each of the kids from kindergarten to seniors in high school write down their ideas for the theme. Then let the different grades pick one, take all of those, and put it to a vote in the schools. Give them the restrictions required, and once they have made their decision, that’s it — no changing it!

I really don’t see a problem with letting them pick rather than a few adults on a committee!

Scott Rohe

Saranac Lake