Keegan has character to be president of NCCC

To the editor:

I am writing in support of Joe Keegan’s application as president of North Country Community College. My experience as a professor of math and science for 30 years at NCCC leads me to conclude that Joe is the strongest candidate.

Since 1970 I have worked with all past NCCC presidents: George Hodson, Peter Cayan, Dave Petty, Carol Brown, Gordon Blank, Fred Smith and Gail Rice. Joe shares with them a quality not often found in higher-level college administers. He, as well as they, demonstrate the core character that makes NCCC such a very special place. Student welfare and success IS our primary goal.

In a meeting with President Carol Brown, I remarked that our success as an institution is measured by how well we have helped students from such small places as North Bangor. Never having heard of North Bangor, she got in her car and drove there to see for herself. She never said a word, but with her smile the next time we met, I knew that she knew. Joe would have done likewise. Recall, “Do what you can, with what you have, where you are.”

Working with Joe for many years is a pleasure, and he has shown that he “gets it.”

He has tough shoes to fill, but I know he will be a success.


Dr. Joseph “Doc” Spadaro

NCCC professor, retired

Saranac Lake