Divide state

To the editor:

Separating New York state from the sewer of the world is a great idea and will save taxpayers tons of money. Remove the counties of Bronx, New York, Kings, Queens, Richmond, Suffolk and Nassau. Allow the real NYS to grow economically by eliminating every one of Cuomo’s job-destroying laws and regulations, and mandates. Bring work and farms back to real NYS. Eliminate all state-owned lands and return them to their respective counties. Allow development, industry, business, jobs to return. End all Cuomo’s assault on our Bill of Rights and our Constitution. End Cuomo’s stealing of taxpayers’ funds for non-NYS citizens. Eliminate all Cuomo’s waste and corruption. Rebuild our NYS into a new and better state without the socialist, communist welfare haven of the sewer of the world. We can function and grow again into a great state once these counties — Bronx, New York, Kings, Queens, Richmond, Nassau, Suffolk — and all their crime and criminal activities are purged from our state.

Donald Sage