Toward a harmonious resolution

To the editor:

As a homeowner with a short-term rental property in Lake Placid, I am reflecting on the recent talk of doubling the size of a hotel in the town, as well as the discussions of more new hotels in the planning stages. This is evidence that Lake Placid’s tourist industry is growing and there is a demand for more lodging.

Short-term rentals in the village and the town can coexist with hotels in Lake Placid in a mutually beneficial way for all. We understand the concern about protecting community and wish to commit ourselves to work through issues of noise and parking with the town and the village.

The market for vacation accommodation is changing and will continue to change in the direction of what consumers are looking for. Research by Trip Advisor in 2016 showed that “75% of respondents between ages 25-34 used a home sharing service in the last year.” Academic research has shown that tourists are booking Airbnb accommodations because they are low cost, have household amenities and are located in desirable areas. There is no denying that tourists are increasingly looking to stay in a home during a visit to the destination of their choice. Lake Placid should not turn away this business as, in doing so, it will deny itself the tax benefits from those homeowners and the robust local business support that those rentals bring. Let’s work together toward a productive and peaceful community solution for all.

Ethan Perry

Member, Gold Medal Hospitality

Wappingers Falls