Opposed to vacation rental restrictions

To the editor:

Dear Lake Placid decision-makers:

I would like to object about the recent proposal to restrict vacation rentals to a three-day minimum and a 16-person limit. I think this is very unfair. The people who have invested in this type of vacation home and share it with groups need to make a profit to survive. These restrictions are not welcoming to groups to enjoy the Lake Placid area, either.

What is the purpose of a resort area anyway? Isn’t it for having fun (within reason) and making memories, while enjoying the great outdoors? This means sharing meals and conversations. If you have to stay at a hotel, you have to pay to go to a restaurant, and that makes it difficult for most people and families to take everyone out for every meal.

You are shooting yourselves in the proverbial foot if you try to impose these restrictions. It looks like you are trying to throw business to the hotels, and I find that suspect for many reasons.

You may be hearing complaints from neighbors about noise. Perhaps a noise fine would quell some of these rowdy groups. I also think it is silly to live in a vacation resort town and complain about noise. It’s like moving next to a dump and then complaining that it smells. People come to Lake Placid to enjoy their families and friends, and MOST groups behave reasonably. You are catering to just a few people who may complain.

Please take this appeal into your consideration.

Terrie Gifford