Making assumptions

To the editor:

I would like to assume that most of my fellow countrymen are thoughtful, intelligent folk. Having made that assumption, I ask myself why anyone would believe in the innocence of a president who constantly tries to cast doubt on investigations into circumstances involving his candidacy and election. Innocent people welcome being shown to be innocent, and guilty people fear being proven guilty. How could it be otherwise?

Transitioning to another topic. In the State of the Union address, the president called for unity and cooperation. Now I find that to be at odds with his past rhetoric of insult and division. Prior to the speech he cast aspersions on Adam Schiff, calling him a hack, and in talks with television news anchors continued to deride the now-deceased Sen. John McCain. How his language and demeanor foster unity and cooperation is beyond my ken. Also, if my memory serves, didn’t the Republicans vow to oppose any and all Obama policies? Now they want the Democrats to work with them? A bit hypocritical, no? It looks to be an interesting 2019.

James N. Hoit