Don’t cut SLHS art faculty in half

To the editor:

Dear Saranac Lake Central School board members:

I am strongly opposed to the removal of a full-time art teacher position following Valerie Patterson’s retirement.

The benefits to the school, its students and the community as a whole far outweigh the costs to the school system. The multiplier effect of a gainfully employed (presumably young) professional in our small village economy alone argues for retention of this position, not to mention that new families considering relocation to this area care about the kinds of culturally enriching programs our schools offer and take those programs carefully into consideration when deciding whether this is the right town and school system for them.

The value of this position to our children has been well-presented by others; but I will just add my voice to say that we would be doing our youth a disservice by cutting in half the current art teaching staff at Saranac Lake High School.


Phil Gallos

Saranac Lake