Dems default to circular firing squad again

To the editor:

I sure have learned a lot this week.

I used to think that, to most Democrats, a person’s record of 35 years of service, integrity, honesty and respect for all people (with a 90 percent African-American vote in favor for governor) would outweigh a racist and unfortunate photograph, of somebody, generated by a right-wing character assassination site. Boy, was I wrong.

I used to believe that most Democrats believed that a punishment be proportional to the crime, rather than that alleged political offenders must be punished by the political equivalent of the death penalty. Nope.

I used to think that Democrats believed in the protections of due process, not mob justice like not the old “Ready! Fire! Aim!” method of correcting injustice. (Of course, Sen. Gillibrand already had me doubting this after her highly effective removal of Al Franken, the Senate Democrats’ most effective spokesperson.) Wrong again.

I used to think that followers of Donald Trump were the only ones who cared more about TV images and tweets about old and alleged misdeeds, while ignoring practical facts on the ground today that have real impacts on people. Health care? Voting rights? Forget that when we have a 35-year-old picture to avenge. Again, I stand corrected.

Here is a link to an article by a black journalist about the careers of certain other American politicians with awful records of racist pronouncements, as opposed to youthful poses in yearbook photos. Should we also be throwing Abe Lincoln into the trash bin of history because of racist comments he made throughout most of his career? Sure, he ended slavery, but what about those jokes he used to make when he was a young lawyer? Maybe we should take down his memorial, too? (

Why is the media and much of the Democrat base political class so fixated on the alleged, old, youthful misdeeds and stumbles of Gov. Northam and still so unconcerned about its own manipulation by ideological hate sites, originating from who knows where? Haven’t we learned anything by now?


Phil Newton

Saranac Lake