Water or sports?

To the editor:

Anyone find the story about iron in the water next to the story about the governor’s sports funding just a tad, what’s the word, unbalanced? Odd? Startling? Scary?

I gleaned that even though the iron in the water isn’t necessarily “bad” for you, it is still something that should be handled. I may not be a scientist, but from what I know about iron in water, it isn’t something to pop champagne bottles over — like a gold medal, maybe.

The person in the article wanted to do some more research before, thoughtfully, spending $50,000 on something that might not work.

That’s an impressive approach to most things, like where to build a house, whether or not to rush into marriage, should I eat this wild plant? Even putting on newly funded skis and charging down icy slopes should be studied a bit before calling the green light. Ya know, the whole “let’s maybe think about this a little bit” thing.

So, when I read that $80 MILLION is going to go into sports — which is great, especially when you’re hydrated — it caused me to take that pause to ask, “Couldn’t 50,000 of those MILLIONS be used to make water (which I hear is sort of important for life) absolutely safe and up to date?”

Look, It’s just water; it’s not like it’s the most essential part of human existence of anything.

Any insights are always greatly appreciated.

Cue the music.

Jason Smith

Saranac Lake