Trump and his low-information voters

To the editor:

Whaaaaaa! I want my waaall! Baby Prince Donald just can’t get what he wants. He made up a fake crisis on the Mexican border, and his base bought it hook, line and sinker. A big concrete wall is a simple concept, just what his base might comprehend. My guess is that Donald’s base is made of … livers.

A liver is a “low-information voter.” Livers get their info from Fox News, bloggers, Rush L. and Donald himself, not like the Associated Press stories the Adirondack Daily Enterprise uses in national news, where truth is the journalistic norm. Fake news does not exist in normal journalism, and Prince Donald easily bends his base to believe otherwise.

Trump now has nearly 1 million fed workers on the edge of bankruptcy. For someone who never worked for a weekly paycheck, this is a vacant concept that even his liver base can understand. I guess 2 million voters are now in the Dem camp because of this senseless shutdown.

To paraphrase Thomas Jefferson, ill-informed people will be ruled by evil men. We are in that cycle now. Trump is a liar, a liar of pathologic proportions. Get rid of him, the sooner the better.

Mike Storey

Saranac Lake