Saranac Lakers keep losing out

To the editor:

I can’t believe North Country Community College President Tyrell is considering closing the pool at the college! Your article on Dec. 6 gave many excellent reasons to keep the pool open. A number of families through the years have put their children in the Red Cross swim program. This program has been invaluable in teaching boat safety, survival skills, etc.

With all our waterways, is it not needed? Had NCCC tried to promote the pool? Years ago, flyers were sent out to the community concerning the pool and other programs. We frequented the pool often. Now we’ve called the pool for their schedule, and when we go there the pool is closed.

Why do we keep losing great assets to the community? We lost needed parking for shopping, etc., to a skatepark that serves but a few — now with lighting the taxpayers are paying for. How many who skate wear safety gear? And who pays the liability insurance?

So what was the motive for the Community Store? If you know the answer to that, then you know why they need numbers in customers. You can’t shove something down the community’s throat.

Where have Sears and the parking lot problems gone? So many years ago, the community wanted the skating rink brought back to Petrova (school) field. Many people signed petitions. Guess what? The rink was put at the civic center in spite of the community!

Are Airbnbs a good idea? I say absolutely not! But greed will have its day. And more quality of life will be lost.

We need to be realistic, keep a smile on our face and remember the customer is always right, or we will lose. And remember the community as a whole and not just what a certain few want.


Darlene Ryan

Saranac Lake