Request for help

To the editor:

This fall I will be having my bat mitzvah, and as part of preparing for it I will be doing a community service project. My project is that I will be going to the Grace Pantry and other locations and handing out books that I have collected. I would like to ask the community if they have any cloth bags that they could donate to help me with the project. The reason I need cloth bags is because over the past year or so our local Grace Panty has gone green, and they will give people reusable cloth bags to hold their items in instead of plastic bags, which are not good for the environment. I want people to have cloth bags so they have something to carry their books in. If anyone is interesting in donating cloth bags, please drop them of in the box that will be located at the Saranac Lake Free Library.


Cayla Teig

Saranac Lake