To the editor:

I just came home from serving treats and hot drinks with Kelly Morgan, on behalf of Women’s Civic Chamber, to the Ice Palace crew on their first day of the build. I was overjoyed to see many former students and young men and women there helping, along with the seasoned veterans who have selflessly donated their time for years.

I am not going to mention names, because they know who they are, but I was fortunate to catch up with the next generation of Ice Palace workers, who I knew in their younger years. One young man who I used to teach in Sunday School is really stepping up to take a leadership role, one former student has come back and recently bought a house, one gal has recently returned from New York and is looking forward to helping with the ice carvings, one gentleman from elsewhere came to help four years ago and has become a resident, one former student arrived last night from the South to work on the Palace, and the list goes on.

They say it takes a village to raise a child, and it also takes a village to raise an Ice Palace. Saranac Lake is doing a fabulous job with both, and I came home with my heart warmed on this cold January day. Winter Carnival is two weeks away. Volunteers are always welcome, so feel free to join these hard workers at the Palace. Saranac Lake is such a special place!. Happy Winter Carnival 2019!

Carol Reyell

Saranac Lake