Do you want Trump in 2020?

To the editor:

Tell me America, have you had enough pain and suffering going without good jobs, better wages, lower taxes, better health care? Are you ready to pay for a damn wall to satisfy Trump? Because if you do, Trump got what we wants, you. Plus the power over the USA. He is going to ruin us till we don’t exist anymore (poor and middle class). Is that what you want, America? Is it?

He says he is running again in 2020. Will we last till then? Too bad the USA can’t see what’s going to happen to us if he is elected again. Are we that stupid to have to go through what we are going through now? Come on, America, use your brains and stop this from happening to us. Stand up and fight for your rights. Otherwise we will be living in ditches with the rats and scum. Is that what you want? I certainly don’t.

People, impeach him now! Do not censor him; just get rid of him. We don’t need him for another term. We shouldn’t care if even we had a woman or a child as president, just not him.

We need change for the better. We should think as a whole, not on Trump’s terms. What do you think should be done? This is all about and up to the United States of America. We should do it now!

Betty Palin

Tupper Lake