Deckers provide top-notch care

To the editor:

While at our vacation home, both my wife and I have been seen as patients of Dr. John and Martha Decker. At our principal home in Manhattan, each of us have also been seen for treatment by ear, nose and throat specialists, which is the Deckers’ branch of medicine. Those from the city are connected with prestigious teaching hospitals, so it is assumed they are highly skilled.

However, the quality care the Deckers provide is not merely comparable to the city MDs’, but in ways it’s superior. The Deckers, it seems, have not forgotten how to listen to their patents, which they do so carefully and caringly. They each apply their skills to best solve the problem presented. We are knowledgeable consumers who appreciate and warmly wish them all the best of good things. The Saranac Lake hospital and its patients are very fortunate to have the Deckers among them.

Lewis Rosenberg

Manhattan and Paul Smiths