Re: Your recent ‘Long Lakers demand reliable power’ story

To the editor:

Let me explain: Corp. has phased out preventive tree-trimming by its own crews (another good union job gone), now relying on contractors, which respond only after the “crisis” has occurred.

Next up, Smart Meters, which speak only to headquarters and save corp. even more cash, already paid by the fixed monthly charge (first item on the monthly statement).

No more meter readers and more jobs lost.

I am NOT a disgruntled NYSEG corp. employee. They “deliver” the power that I buy from an independent esco.

I pay NYSEG a total of the two charges via direct debiting, but still get a paper bill. That cost is already covered by the fixed monthly charge, too. They urge me to go paperless both ways … to save trees, but offer no incentive for doing so. And how can I check my bill when the power goes out? In this I am unanimous.

Richard Daly