Cautionary lessons to shop locally

To the editor:

I appreciate your recent reminders about purchasing locally, directed toward the residents of the Tri Lakes communities and I have a sad tale to tell.

Some years ago ago, the owner of a large Hallmark store wrote an article on the Opinion page titled, “A cautionary tale.”

The article explained why shoppers should should consider doing their shopping locally.

Some time later in that year, locals were shocked when this store closed for good. Downhill Grill purchased the building, and the rest is history.

At one time I was the owner of one of the first woman-owned business in the area. I struggled to meet local needs, feeling it was mandatory to meet the needs of the local community. Knowing that l couldn’t operate from an empty cart, I tried to keep the already full shelves topped off.

I was operating on a shoestring and eventually emptied two savings accounts in an attempt to “make a go” of it.

Finally, I had to sell out to the other office supply company in town.

That business also operated from a full cart, complete with delivery service, but they were not able to operate profitably, either, and the business closed.

Blue Moon now operates in that building.

Locals were always looking for a better deal, when the truth of the matter was that I could not sell an item for the price that larger stores were able to purchase it for. That said, locals did not have to drive a distance for a item or wait for it to be shipped if they bought locally.

I am a believer that a small town must have basic services available that make it attractive and sustainable. We must be more than just a vacation location.

PLEASE DON’T contribute to the demise of yet another unique and necessary business. SHOP LOCALLY.

Natalie Leduc

Saranac Lake