Support Martz for Senate

To the editor:

Come Nov. 6, I can’t support our longtime state senator Betty Little because of her outdated positions on women’s rights and sex ed in schools, among other things.

I respect that she brings the money for projects and has good constituent relations, but that’s simply her job! She could be doing so much more for the district she has represented for so many years. Maybe our longtime state senator is tired.

Emily Martz as state senator would bring the money, she’d have genuinely caring relationships with constituents, AND she’d be a force for good, fighting for sensible health care, quality public education for all, environmental protections and — her great strength — economic development for our region.

Emily and I share a passion for women’s issues. On the other hand, Betty Little refuses to support the Reproductive Health Act, not even letting it be debated on the Senate floor because she is against a woman’s right to choose to have an abortion to stop an unwanted or unviable pregnancy.

Regarding sex education, bill NY-S3737 mandates comprehensive, medically accurate and age-appropriate sex education be taught in all public schools, grades 1 through 12. Betty Little has not voted to bring this bill to the floor for a vote. We know that proper sex ed leads to fewer teen pregnancies and STDs. Teens are into and aware of so much that we adults don’t even comprehend through text and social media. It behooves us as caring adults to give them age-appropriate information and guidance so they will make good choices. Currently, it is up to the discretion of a New York state school district whether to provide sex education, which Planned Parenthood is then contracted to provide.

I support Emily Martz for state Senate. She is a fresh voice, has practical points of view and a passion for service to the North Country. It’s time for a change in the 45th New York State Senate District.


Martha Pritchard Spear

Lake Placid