Book on Vietnam War is worth reading

To the editor:

I recently read “Blue Devils in Vietnam,” a memorable chronology of the war experiences of 34 Vietnam veterans who had attended Geneseo (NY) Central School. The individuals who did the most to pursue this nonprofit project are veterans Jim DeCamp, Tony Gurak, Roger Johnson and Livingston County Historian Amie Alden.

The stories of Francis Rosebrugh, Robert Henderson and Charles Wilkie, who were killed in action in Vietnam, are included in the book, which is dedicated to them. The book includes an excellent essay by Gurak, “Vietnam: A History of Conflict,” which concluded that “the war left a generation and a nation forever changed. It was the end of innocence.”

June is National PTSD Awareness Month. This book helps raise such awareness by describing “what it was like to be plucked out of small town Geneseo and plopped into a place on the other side of the world surrounded by jungles and rice paddies and live in fear for an entire year.”

“Blue Devils in Vietnam” is an important addition to the bibliography of the Vietnam War. The Vietnam veterans and Alden put their hearts and souls into completing an enlightening, insightful and highly readable book.

Joel Freedman


(Correction: The spelling of Francis’ Rosebrugh’s last name has been corrected.)


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