North Elba shouldn’t appeal rail-trail ruling

To the editor:

I don’t care if the cost is going to be “nominal”; I don’t want one penny of my tax money going to support the ARTA-led appeal of Judge Main’s decision. The board is overstepping its authority to speak for the people of North Elba. Have they taken a vote? Do they know what the will of the people is? Until they do, they should abstain from supporting any alternative other than the combined rail and trail.

I realize that my letter may trigger another shrill and ill-mannered tirade from Mr. McCulley, Mr. Mercurio or their minions. The threat of Adirondack Recreational Trail Advocates bullying is why many people who support the combined project don’t speak up. All I can do is echo Mr. Ordway’s hope that maybe, for once, ARTA will begin to listen and cooperate with the other parties involved to work out a compromise.

Karen Huttlinger

Lake Placid


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