Judge is right to preserve railroad

To the editor:

Thank you to the Honorable Judge Robert Main Jr. for ruling against the state by saying the 34 miles of railroad track must stay. Judge Main’s decision in favor of existing track is wise and insightful. Maybe David can slay the giant yet!

I know that many, if not most, rail supporters have a “great respect” for the history of the railroad here. They also have a great concern for the economy here. All avenues of transportation should be kept open!

You may think that “only a minority” cares about the rails, Mr. Politi, but you would be wrong! And if an appeal is in the offing, rail supporters need to dig in!

I remember when the Department of Transportation changed all the streets in the 1990s in Saranac Lake. They cut parking way down, so businesses pulled out and left. Not all change is good!

The rails need to stay for the sake of the economy and the preservation of history. As a native of the Adirondacks, there are those of us who see where the state has taken more away from us than it has given. And to the minority, those who want to keep our 34 miles of rail, never give up.

“Energy and persistence conquer all things.”


Darlene Ryan

Saranac Lake