Keep railroad; drop new hotel

To the editor:

Hard to believe more people are not concerned about the rails being torn up between Lake Placid, Saranac Lake and Tupper Lake. Our railroad stations and tracks are a rich piece of history. What if we want to haul freight in the future? Any mode of transportation is extremely important in the mountains.

Some of us can still look back and remember the humorous taxi stands. Some of us can also still look back and remember at least two Trailways bus runs and two Greyhound runs a day. Does anyone remember the “extra ski runs” or the “peak summer runs?”

Why would we deprive ourselves of something we will surely use in the future? Once our railroad is torn up, it will never be re-laid. There are those of us who do not want loud snowmobiles and hikers walking through our backyard.

We really do not need any more state rules and regulations. The train station and the railroad are worth fighting for. Limiting transportation means less quality of life in reaching people and the outside world.

No, we don’t need an oversized hotel on Lake Flower. I can’t understand why people like the Village Improvement Society are against bringing our beach back to Lake Flower. Yet they are quiet on the oversized hotel proposed.

If we as a people make our decisions for the right reasons, we will never go wrong.

The Tri-Lakes will change with time. Let us hope it is for the benefit of the people and not the bottom line.


Darlene Ryan

Saranac Lake


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