Why is state stalling on railroad suit?

To the editor:

Once again, New York state has asked for and gotten a delay in Article 78 proceeding that the Adirondack Railroad Preservation Society has brought against the various state agencies who accepted Adirondack Recreational Trail Advocates’ plan for the destruction of the Adirondack railroad.

This is at least the third time the state has requested a delay. Donations from around the state to the railroad’s legal defense fund are now around $95,000. That’s a very significant amount, given that it has come in donations mostly under $20 each. It is indicative of the support that New Yorkers have for the railroad. It is no match for multimillionaire Lee Keet’s money, and the New York state agencies have an unlimited credit line, at taxpayers’ expense.

Saranac Lakers, who had the Adirondack Park Agency with its anti-business, anti-commerce and anti-farming regulations shoved down their throat a generation ago, feel powerless to stand up to whatever big money wants to graciously offer. Saranac Lakers are gentle, yielding people. Just drive through town, and you will find the most courteous drivers in the USA. The state very confidently presented its case to the APA, and it was accepted, with a few notable voices of dissent. Why all the backpedaling now? If New York state did its due diligence before submitting their plan to destroy the railroad to the APA, why not boldly go forward now?

Keith Gorgas

Saranac Lake


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