Replacing rails with trail is about economics

To the editor:

A brief response to Mr. Grebe’s letter, headlined “How dumb is ripping up rails?” (Editor’s note: This sentence has been corrected.)

As a lifelong resident of Tupper Lake, I can firmly state, not dumb at all. A no-brainer for anyone who can think objectively.

The Adirondack Scenic Railroad has not had, nor will it have, the hundreds of millions of dollars it would have to rehab the railway from Thendara to Lake Placid.

A trail, on the other hand, as soon as it’s finished, automatically bring in users who will spend their money in local businesses: thousands of tourists and hundreds of thousands of dollars.

The ASR has not and will not ever benefit the businesses in Tupper Lake.

So it’s that simple, Mr. Grebe. Simple economics.


Glenn Poirier

Tupper Lake


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