Glad to see governor OK rail-trail plan

To the editor:

The town of North Elba and Lake Placid applaud and endorse Gov. Cuomo’s decision to implement a plan to invest $8 million to build a multi-use trail between Tupper Lake and Lake Placid.

For over 10 years, the town worked diligently to engineer a trail parallel to the rail tracks, without success. The proposed project was both cost-prohibitive and saddled by delay due to interminable oversight.

The governor’s timely action is a compromising resolution which supports both rail and trail advocates over the 119-mile travel corridor. Lake Placid and North Elba are very appreciative that the rails will be eliminated and that the Olympic Regional Development Authority will have a hand in the trail’s stewardship.

Lake Placid is committed to the construction of a multi-use trail which will be used and enjoyed by a diversity of outdoor recreational enthusiasts. Cyclists, pedestrians, joggers, cross-country skiers, U.S. training athletes and snowmobilers will ultimately benefit from the impacts of the governor’s determination.

It’s time to move forward. We have had enough debate. From the town’s perspective, this outcome is best for the Tri-Lakes region, overall tourism and private business development.

Roby Politi


Town of North Elba

Lake Placid


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