Discovering the joy of bike trails

To the editor:

I’m now a firm believer in “Try it; you’ll like it!” It’s never too late.

Not that I haven’t been riding a bike practically my whole life (probably since the age of 4), but it wasn’t much more than riding to school or to the park, basically around the neighborhood. Now that I’m in my 60s and have more time on my hands, my husband and I are in the beginning stages of exploring this country’s state parks.

Our first trip took us to First Landing State Park in Virginia. This park not only offered a nice location near the ocean but a wonderful trail system for walkers, runners and/or bikers. We took advantage of both the biking and hiking trails, which led us through woods, marshes and finally to an ocean-fed bay for a total of about 14 miles, which was only a portion of what they had to offer. Along the trail there were various exercise stations for those who wanted to add to their workout. (We didn’t feel the need to push ourselves to that limit quite yet!) We were impressed on how much use the trail system got for a mid-spring weekday – by no means peak season for this area. We saw all types of people enjoying the trails: some jogging, some walking with their dogs, quite a few bikers, but the one participant I will remember the most was a cancer patient walking by herself to keep up her physical and emotional health.

I can truly relate to the physical and mental benefits a trail system has to offer. It far exceeds the experience of riding or walking on the side of a busy road or city sidewalk, as the trail system allows you to be as up close and personal with the area’s natural surroundings as you want.

I was thankful I got to experience a true biking trail, but at the same time I am jealous that we have the same opportunity to have an even more unique rail trail system along the Remsen-Lake Placid corridor. Not only would it be an economical advantage to our area, but I feel more importantly it would be a health benefit to all those who had the privilege to use it.

If you haven’t yet tried a rail trail … try it; you’ll like it! And if you do like it, support the Remsen-Lake Placid rail trail. It’ll be yours to enjoy!

Gayle Seamon

Beaver River Station


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