Open Tupper Lake to snowmobilers

To the editor:

We are writing today to offer our support for the removal of the rails and ties between Tupper Lake and Lake Placid. This would undoubtedly be a huge tourist attraction for us here.

As it is, we have already missed weeks of snowmobiling activities that would have been a welcome boost to our sagging economy. This past weekend we traveled to the Utica region, and on the way we observed the wonderful trails that were being enjoyed by large numbers of snowmobilers. The local towns were experiencing an abundance of folks shopping, dining and spending their dollars throughout their communities.

Tupper Lake is missing out on all of this, and we need to move now to change things. As a compromise, it has been proposed to leave the rails in place from Big Moose to Tupper Lake and to remove those from Tupper Lake to Lake Placid. If this compromise means allowing us to begin making year-round use of this underutilized corridor, then we support the proposal.

Please consider Tupper’s request for approval of this option.

Sincerely yours,

Rickey J. Dattola

James P. Dattola

Tupper Lake Supply Inc.

Tupper Lake


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