Looking for 1970 Saranac Lake classmates

To the editor:

The classes of 1970 Saranac Lake Central High School and St. Pius X are planning their 45th class reunion for the weekend of July 31. We are still searching for the following classmates. If anyone has contact information for the following people that they are willing to share with us, will you please get in touch with Barbara Mullin Dodds (barbaradodds@hotmail.com, 970-759-3208)?

Darlene Bomyea Bourne

Phillip Trudell

Anne Marie Chase Friello

Deborah Tower

George Durett (mail returned)

George Carley

Ladislao Garostiago

Richard Wilkins

John Hamm

Catherine Murphy

Marilyn Mace

Sheila Duncan

Fred Perrin

Gail Ann Manning McGarvey (mail returned)

John Sklaryk

Barbara Dodds

The Class of 1970

Durango, Colorado