Hunger is painful

To the editor:

I read with extreme sadness the news that the food pantry in Gabriels is going to be forced to close. Most of us have never experienced hunger or extreme poverty, but do we need to experience it to have empathy for those going through it?

It seems to me that the measure to allow support for this help to the poor is to pass a bit of legislation. Do the legislators think that the residents in the town of Brighton would not approve of the measure? If that is the case, let the public come to a meeting to discuss it, or put it up to a poll. I would think residents would surely want this assistance to the poor to continue in their name. However, I could be wrong. What percentage of the total budget is the cost to keep this operation going? Isn’t it worth a few of the tax dollars to help feed small children? The state and federal government have programs to distribute food to the poor; how are they able to do it and not the town?

Do we have to limit help to those who live in the town? It’s usually not taxpayers who need help. Most of these individuals do not own property, but is that a reason to deny assistance? These children get some nourishment while in school, but what happens when school is not in session? Poverty is not only in the Third World countries; it is right here in our midst. I would hope that the powers in the town would consider solving this problem once and for all.

Mary Peria

Lake Clear