Pendragon continues to impress

To the editor:

Although Susan Neal and Bob Pettee are sorely missed, it is wonderful to know that Pendragon’s reputation for excellent theater is being upheld as evidenced in their recent, amazing production of “Doubt.”

Having seen “Doubt” performed on Broadway with its original cast, as well as in other regional theaters and the movie version, I was curious to see if Pendragon would bring something new to its interpretation. What Pendragon did kept me on the edge of my seat for the entire show, which is more than I can say for any of the other versions I have seen. Fran Yardley as Sister Aloysius and Tyler Nye as Father Flynn were nothing less than brilliant, and were superbly complemented by their supporting cast members.

“Doubt” is a play that is both subtle and dramatic, a contradiction in terms and a tricky act to pull off, but the cast did it with flying colors; all the nuances of this difficult, excellent play came through crystal clear.

We are extraordinarily lucky to have Pendragon in Saranac Lake. I urge everyone to treat themselves to the finest theater anyone could wish for.

Helene “Lenny” Golay