LS Marina LLC held up again

Response to Thomas Jorling’s restraining order against the Adirondack Park Agency and LS Marina LLC:

Lower Saranac Lake encompasses 2,285 acres with one marina and about 30 boathouses along the shoreline. Its neighbor Lake Placid encompasses 2,173 acres with three marinas, over 150 boathouses and an estimated 300 boat docks/slips along its shoreline. We don’t hear of any adverse environmental problems or impacts on Lake Placid. I think its safe to safe the impacts to Lower Saranac Lake will be minimal.

“The Adirondack Almanack has removed the commentary by Tom Jorling ‘Weighing in on Saranac Lake Marina plans’ because it contained inaccuracies.” — Adirondack Almanack

Mr. Jorling is now petitioning the court to stop the approved Saranac Lake Marina. I don’t know Mr. Jorling, only what I’ve read online about his work on environmental policy. I’m sure he’s worked hard over the years to be blessed to own a beautiful summer home on Lower Saranac Lake. I’m sure he loves spending his time on the lake as we who keep our boats at the marina do.

My appeal to Mr. Jorling is to please consider what the consequences of your lawsuit and actions are on your summer neighbors, who also work hard so they, too, can have access to the lake for much-needed rest, relaxation and recreational time: the hospital workers, utility workers, contractors, restaurant owners and staff, etc., who provide services to you and your family when your visiting the area.

These people care about the quality of the lake and the environmental impact they have on the lake. For the most part, we go to one spot on the lake and spend the day there to relax and enjoy the beauty of the lake. We care about our lake!

For you to assume the Saranac Lake Marina project is going to degrade and impact the lake enough to warrant expensive lawsuits and hope we go away is appalling. Especially since, without us, you wouldn’t have services you enjoy when you visit the area.

I’ve been docking my boat at the marina, both in Ampersand Bay and currently at the main marina in Crescent Bay, for over a decade. I have watched the transformation the new owners have made in cleaning up both sites. Their commitment to the environment and concern for the lake quality shows in this massive and costly undertaking. They completed the removal of the old wooden boathouses and foundations along the shoreline in preparation for new docks and slips.

Mr. Jorling’s lawsuit is frivolous. Some excerpts are as follows:

¯ “largest marina projects ever reviewed or approved by APA pursuant to the APA Act”

Fact: Saranac Lake Marina is an existing marina dating back to 1924.

¯ “Project is proposed to be constructed on two sites”

Fact: The marina always had docks and boathouses at the two sites — nothing new here.

¯ Main marina “increase the number of boat slips/moorings there from 124 to 178.”

Fact: Increase of 54 slips. Site had old, wooden boathouses along the shore that have since been removed.

¯ Annex site: Project would increase the number of boat slips/moorings there from 95 to 114.

Fact: Increase of 19 slips. Site had old, wooden boathouses along the shore that have since been removed.

¯ “APA failed to consider whether the Project would have an undue adverse impact upon the resources of the Adirondack Park;”

The Adirondack Park encompasses 6 million acres, of which 2.6 million acres is owned by the people of the state of New York. I highly doubt an additional 73 boat slips will adversely impact the resources of the Adirondack Park.

¯ “Thus, the Project will greatly impact the use and enjoyment of Petitioner’s property, such that he is entitled to maintain this combined proceeding and action.”

I have to say that I don’t believe adding 19 boat slips across from Mr. Jorling’s property will adversely impact his enjoyment. And furthermore, the marina was in existence when Mr. Jorling purchased his waterfront property. Furthermore, very few people who keep their boats at the main marina venture into Ampersand Bay, where Mr. Jorling maintains a summer home. Apparently he feels he should have exclusive use of the lake. Can anyone say “NIMBY”? Shame on you, Mr. Jorling. This is an insult to the hard-working people who currently rent or would like to rent a slip at the marina.

¯ “APA cannot permit a project that allows private use or commercial use of the Forest Preserve.”

“Jorling and others, too, had said APA’s approval of the marina expansion would set a precedent and “impact private shoreline property on waterways throughout the Adirondack Park.” — Adirondack Explorer

Law states, “All persons have a right to use the navigable waters of a state.” Marinas are a means to provide access to said navigable waters.

So you want to take away our navigable rights because you own property on lake?

¯ “APA’s decision to issue the Order was arbitrary and capricious because it did not obtain the necessary information, and it has not undertaken the study regarding the carrying capacity of Lower Saranac Lake”

Once again, 73 new boat slips on a 2,285-acre lake isn’t going to adversely impact the lake. Most likely the 73 slips that get rented are from people who trailer their boats to the state boat launch. I use the marina regularly, and most of the boats remain in the slips.

¯ “APA’s decision to issue the Order was arbitrary and capricious because it failed to properly consider wetlands impacts of the Project”

“APA Staff believe that the proposal will reduce adverse impacts to the resources of the Park compared to the pre-existing conditions.”

Alan Latourelle lives in Saranac Lake.


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