The best business book I ever read

Back in 1999 I graduated with a business degree from Empire State College, one of the State University colleges in New York. Even though I’d been in business for many years, I somehow felt I should do this. Getting the degree turned out to be a good thing. And it started me doing something I’m still doing today.

I began to read business books. I was looking for books that would tell me how to bring in more customers and be better at what I was already doing.

Over the years I’ve read many business books. Some were good, and I learned things that my college courses from Empire State would never have taught me. Other books were not worth much of my time. And there were a few I never finished reading, because they didn’t apply to what I was doing.

A few months ago I began seeing an advertisement for this business book on my Facebook feed. The book looked interesting, and the title was quite catchy. I kept seeing this ad and finally said, “Let’s get it,” so I did. Well, this little book has turned out to be the best business book I’ve read. And I’m writing this letter to encourage other businesses in the area to get this same book.

The title is “77 Ways to Get More Customers, the Essential Guide for Entrepreneurs to Grow Your Business and Increase Your Profits” by Chris Cardell. It’s a 138-page book with yes, 77 DIFFERENT ideas you can do as a business. Each page in the book is another idea, so the reading is quick. Some of the ideas are common sense, but there are many I never would have thought to do. And yes, there are ideas that don’t apply to me, but plenty of ideas that do.

Currently, I do a monthly email newsletter. Cardell suggested I do a weekly email newsletter. I honestly don’t know if I want to put one out four times a month, but I did send out two this month. And my second one had a 36% open rate! I understand that percentage is high. Surprised? You bet. This is just one of the ideas I received from Cardell’s book.

So I’m writing this to encourage other business owners in the area to get this book, something I’ve never done before. For those owners who would like to stop into my store and have a look at my copy, please feel free to do so. But you’ll have to forgive all the yellow highlighting throughout what I’ve read! And if you do decide to purchase a copy, PLEASE go to our local bookstores to do so. I’m sure the Bookstore Plus in Lake Placid and the Book Nook here in town will be happy to order this book for you if they can.

I would also like to thank the Enterprise for today’s (March 20) editorial. They encouraged everyone here to shop local. Nice editorial, folks! I would also like to mention that this morning we had to go to Lake Placid on an errand. We needed groceries, and so we went to Hannaford. Well, by the front door was a woman offering to spray our shopping cart handle with sanitizer. Nice going, Hannaford! And also, hats off to Pastor Randy Cross, who runs Carpe Insectae. He says he’s never made sanitizer before, but guess what? He took on the challenge! Thank you, Pastor Cross!

So once again, business folks, this book is “77 Ways to Get More Customers, the Essential Guide for Entrepreneurs to Grow and Increase Your Profits” by Chris Cardell. Hope this helps some businesses looking for answers.

And by the way, I think Chris Cardell should pay me for promoting his book!

Wendy Foley is the proprietor of Wendy’s Christian Bookstore in Saranac Lake.-


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