Kudos to Saranac Lake village DPW

Saranac Lake’s Main Street construction project is still on track to wrap up on schedule. The road closures, which could’ve been majorly disruptive, haven’t had as negative an impact as one might expect. These two things are no doubt a result of the village’s hardworking Department of Public Works.

The DPW performs largely thankless work — but it’s crucial work, part of the intricate fabric of village services that, when working correctly, can greatly improve our quality of life here.

Multiple local businessowners told Enterprise Intern Galen Halasz this week that although they aren’t getting many — if any — updates on the project from village leadership, the village’s DPW workers are communicating openly with them.

Because the DPW staff who are directly working on this project are being forthcoming with information, businessowners are able to get fresh information and adjust their operations accordingly. That’s great news. As we know all too well, especially since the coronavirus pandemic, that clear communication can make all the difference for a businessowner who may need to pivot operations quickly to stay afloat.

The DPW also adjusted its operations to accommodate businessowners, reopening Main Street when possible and dampening the ground at the beginning and end of work to cut down of the amount of dust in the air.

Kenny Fontana, the owner of Blue Moon Cafe, said that in the past 26 years, “this is the best the village has ever done in trying to work with us.”

The DPW deserves a lot of credit for their diligent work, their accommodations and their communication. Kudos to Saranac Lake Department of Public Works Superintendent Dustin Martin and his crew.


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